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Chris Conway - Flute Dreamer Relax & Restore Blissful Sleep. Bonus Edition (2014)

Chris Conway - Flute Dreamer Relax & Restore Blissful Sleep. Bonus Edition (2014)

Исполнитель: Chris Conway
Альбом: Flute Dreamer Relax & Restore Blissful Sleep. Bonus Edition
Дата выпуска: 2014
Жанр: New Age
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:02:17
Релиз: СЛИМ (Сообщество любителей инструментальной музыки)

01. Flute Dreamer Relax and Restore Blissful Sleep (Bonus Edition) [00:50:54]
02. 1st Glimpse (Bonus Track) [00:08:04]
03. Stairway (Bonus Track) [00:03:19]

Об альбоме:
In this Dreamer series of albums, the way I have chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere is to make sound journeys for the mind. On Flute Dreamer I have created a piece of music suggesting a dream of flight. I have divided it into sections for ease of navigation on the CD, but also to suggest different stages of the flight, or each section could be thought of as a different dream, and a different flight.

There is something special about instruments connected with the human breath. They engage the listeners emotions more directly than string or keyboard instruments. Flutes have long associated with soothing the listener and are among the oldest of instruments. Flutes have recently been found by archaeologists dating back 43,000 years.

My influences on the flutes are Celtic and Indian music, and I play Irish flute & whistles throughout. I have been playing various ethnic whistles and flutes for over 25 years from my work with world music group The Rain Garden through to Celtic band Govannen. The low Irish whistle has become very special to me over the years and it was a gift out of the blue by musician Falko Krieger who was in the audience after a concert in Germany. Likewise the Irish flute was a gift from Les Wilmore, again after a concert in the UK. My thanks go to those two friends, for their kindness has changed the course of my music and made this album possible.

I was in a very calm and quiet space inside when I recorded this music. I hope something of that feeling can be heard and help take your mind on many a flight and many a dream.

Davey Spillane, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Stephan Micus, Alan Stivell.

Flute Dreamer is available as a CD and as a download in 2 formats
- full album continuous mix
- separate tracks

Five Dreams Of Flying

1. Lighter Than Air
A warm, still, summer evening. The moon is full. Suddenly you are rising gently in the air. It feels like the most natural thing in the world.

2. Spiralling Skywards
You pause for a moment, suspended in mid air. The dream seems so real. Then you start to rise higher with the thermal currents, following their circling path ever upwards.

3. Above The Clouds
Then you come to a layer of cloud. For a while there is nothing but white all around you. Then you suddenly break clear above the clouds to see the bright moon and the stars. Below you the white clouds form the landscape. The beauty of the scene fills you with joy.

4. The Earth So Far Below
You pause again. All is still. Beneath you there is a break in the clouds. You are so high now. Patchwork fields, and tiny houses are so far below you. Above you the moon and the countless stars seem to be singing to you.

5. Fly On Forever
You could keep flying forever. Inside you know that you can always come back here. The first glow of sunrise appears on the horizon. You continue your flight. The dream never ends.

all music composed and produced by Chris Conway

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Chris Conway - Flute Dreamer Relax & Restore Blissful Sleep. Bonus Edition (2014) (4 файла)
mp3 01. Flute Dreamer Relax and Restore Blissful Sleep (Bonus Edition).mp3 (116,77 Mb)
mp3 02. 1st Glimpse (Bonus Track).mp3 (18,73 Mb)
mp3 03. Stairway (Bonus Track).mp3 (7,88 Mb)
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